Freelance guides to help you kick ass (the best guides online)

Freelance guides to help you kick ass (the best guides online)

Perhaps the biggest challenge I had in my early freelancing efforts was figuring out how to find anyone in need of my specific services – and, of course, that tiny detail of why any of them should ever pay me a single dime for it.

I burned through a lot of online freelancing ideas, freelance guides, and information to find something that would help me figure out how to succeed as a free agent in a savage marketing world.

(A ton of bad advice, some decent to good advice, and even less truly great advice.)

Now, I’d like to give you my best finds so that hopefully, you won’t have to spend a ton of valuable hours as I did before finding something that can help you land (more) clients and earn your way as a freelancer. 

What’s on the menu?

I’ve only allowed what I deem to be the best of guides for helping with transitioning to freelancing – and while I’ve gone through a lot I might’ve missed a nugget or two so I’ll keep updating this list as I come across more awesome freelance guides and resources. 

There are different categories depending on what you focus on. Now, go ahead and choose your poison.

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Your Handpicked Freelance Guides:

1. Freelance Digital Marketing

Takes you through the bare bones, from finding a niche to getting referrals. Above all, it has steps you can apply right away to get you over the first common hurdles like price-setting and when and how to charge your clients.

Ideal if you’re just starting out and not sure about the best place to begin.

10 steps to balance having a full-time job while starting a freelance business. It covers similar points as IWT (above) but especially the last section of why freelancing could be a good idea for you is worthwhile.   

2. Freelance Writing/Copywriting

30 brief breakdowns for you to dip your toes in the freelance writing waters.
There’s also a ton of additional ‘guides’ within this guide so decide for yourself how much you like the idea of inception.

It gives an overview of the process of a writing career and you’ll discover what you got and what you got to work on.

A beginner’s guide that teaches you how to start freelancing as a copywriter and not worry about such hurdles as not having a swooning portfolio. Moreover, avoid getting lost in reading all the blogs about how to actually do it, (except for, of course, these guides I found and vetted for you). 

Experience is something that comes from, well…experience – and this guide takes you step-by-step to getting success by niching down, finding a client, figuring out what to charge and beyond.
You’ll even find supporting materials to break down the steep learning curve of freelance copywriting.

3. Freelance SEO

This guide shows how you can take SEO onto the freelance market touching all bases.
From getting an overview of the basics and what it takes to strategies, tools of the trade, and finding freelance work. 

It will bring you through a ton with the promise of having you ready to spread your freelance SEO wings in 48 hours.

This one takes you from what you should know, what to offer, and what clients actually pay for. 

You’ll find advice for top SEO sites you should know about in the field.
Get answers to some of the doubts you may have about what you can offer a client – and if you can actually make a living on freelance SEO.

4. Freelance Content Strategy

Neil Patel
Good if you’re working a full-time job and want to transition to part-time freelancing and eventually more.
Laying out your strengths for the services you can offer. As well as identifying who your clients are and niching down to become successful.

This 12 step plan to attract clients as a part-time content marketer focus on creating a blog that works as a tool to put yourself in front of qualified leads.

An overview of what it takes to become a content strategist. What clients, agencies, and companies are looking for in a content strategist and how you package your offer. 

This takes the point of view for someone whos looking to either hire a freelance content strategist or go through an agency. It provides perspective on how to package your services as a freelancer vs agencies and goes through some pros and cons from a client’s point of view.

5. Freelance Email Marketer

Takes you A-Z of how to build a freelance email marketing business. Tap into common problems your potential clients have, avoid the wrong clients, stop wasting time and find new clients.

It also includes detailed scripts for how to get your first clients and how to find mentor guidance.

Use email marketing to get email marketing jobs. This focuses mostly on getting freelance work overall.

(Cold)-email outreach vs going through an online platform such as Upwork and finding the ideal way to contact leads. There are scripts and different approaches as well as what to do after (aka follow up).

6. Freelance Youtube Marketer

Neil Patel
Principles to apply for becoming a YouTube marketer. The idea is – to get clients as a YouTube marketer the best platform to use is… YouTube.

Set up a channel the right way, understand YouTube SEO, producing great videos and converting clients.

7. Freelance Google ads

Focusing on how to freelance with Google Analytics.
Finding the sweet spot of what you enjoy doing, what your clients need and what makes you money.

8. Freelance Facebook ads

I wrote this guide
I haven’t been able to find anything yet out there specifically about this. Instead, I wrote this extensive guide about freelance digital marketing more broadly where you can find specific examples on Facebook ads as well.

A case study from a reader
To add another angle one of my readers shared how he was able to break into freelancing specifically as a Facebook ads marketer.

9. Freelance Quora Marketer

Using Quora as a Freelancer to promote yourself and close freelancing business. It’s focused on the Fiverr platform but a similar strategy can be applied to other online platforms of your choice. 


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